ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 are federal anti-discrimination statutes that provide civil rights protection for persons with disabilities. Among other things, the legislation requires that all students with disabilities be guaranteed a learning environment that provides for reasonable accommodation of their disabilities.

If you believe you have a disability requiring an accommodation, contact the Disability Support Services (DSS) office at or call 405.422.1235. In order to receive academic accommodations for a disability, the student must provide appropriate documentation of their disability to the DSS office. This information may be mailed, emailed, or hand-delivered. Students who have the information mailed or emailed must contact the DSS office to ask for accommodations before any will be provided.

The DSS office is located in Student Support Services, in the Ray Porter building, office S-105 across from Financial Aid.

Technology Accessibility

A variety of technologies are used for course delivery and for assessment of learning, particularly in online courses and blended courses (partially online). If you need assistance in accessing online materials, contact your course instructor or the DSS office at 405.422.1235.

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