Commencement Ceremony to be Held May 12

Redlands Community College is celebrating the graduation of over 200 students Friday, May 12, with degrees that have prepared them to continue their education at a four-year university or begin making an impact in the workforce. Over 40 of the students will graduate with more than one degree or certificate.

“We are proud of these graduates who have demonstrated the dedication and drive that will serve them well in the future,” said Redlands President Jack Bryant. “Redlands is a special college because of the students who have chosen to get their start on promising careers on our campus.”

A college degree is a significant investment of time and money, and although Redlands hasn’t increased tuition in several years, many students work hard to save money and apply for scholarships to be able to earn their degree with very little to no debt. 

“I received the Presidential Scholarship which has significantly helped me not to worry about money during my time at Redlands,” Lily Dilbeck said. “This recognition has also kept me motivated, and it has allowed me to pursue more opportunities for my future.”

Dilbeck, of Oklahoma City, is graduating summa cum laude with an associate degree in Psychology and certificate of mastery in Human/Social Services Assistant. She will be transferring to the University of Central Oklahoma where she will prepare for a career in social work by pursuing a master’s degree in Psychology.

Graduates are receiving associate degrees in Arts, Applied Science and Science, as well as Certificates of Mastery in areas such as Child Development, Artificial Insemination in Livestock and Human/Social Services Assistant.

“As a remote student and busy employee, I have greatly benefitted from Redlands’ offering of online courses that have given me the flexibility to keep working and studying on a full-time schedule,” said Trenton Jones, of Yukon. He is graduating summa cum laude with an associate degree in Liberal Studies and transferring to the University of Oklahoma where he will be pursuing a degree in Applied Linguistics.

While the graduates are ready to take the next step in their education or careers, many of them leave Redlands with fond memories of faculty, staff and courses.

Kaci Hayden, of El Reno, graduating cum laude with a degree in Liberal Studies said, “I absolutely love the environment at Redlands. They make you feel so welcome and not just like a number.”

Dilbeck added, “My experience at Redlands has been awesome. I never thought my path would lead here, but I found professors, peers, and mentors who have helped me grow into the woman I am today. I will be forever grateful for the opportunities given to me here.”

Tommi Willey, of Minco, will be pursuing licensure as a nurse. She said “My experience here at Redlands has been nothing short of amazing. The faculty and staff here are attentive and always willing to help.”

Dr. David Hall, founder of The Ideas Centre Ltd., will deliver the commencement address. With 25 years of experience in board level leadership in a range of sectors, Hall coaches businesses of all types to unblock breakthrough thinking, introducing an ideas culture that drives the innovation process.

The commencement ceremony will be held at 11 a.m. Friday in the Jenks Simmons Fieldhouse and livestreamed on the college’s website at

Graduates listed by hometown

Luke M. Hendershot, Associate in Arts

Brooke L. Kemp, Associate in Arts

Amarillo, TX
Evan G. Boyd, Associate in Arts

Kaylee M. Bish, Associate in Arts
Dennis E. Miller, Associate in Arts
Jordan S. Edwards, Certificate of Mastery
Molly Breanne Fortner, Associate in Arts
Elizabeth W. Crumm, Associate in Science/Certificate of Mastery
Molly Breanne Fortner, Certificate of Mastery
Jordan S. Edwards, Associate in Arts
Wesley C. Satoe    , Associate in Arts

Alexa Jordan Ferrell, Associate in Arts
Kimberly Renae Satepauhoodle, Associate in Arts

Bellevue, OH
Austin R. Hunker, Associate in Science

Gabrielle Elise Stringer, Associate in Arts
Joseph C. Thompson, Associate in Arts
Kyle Frederick Zielinski, Associate in Arts

Isabella M. Delgado, Associate in Arts

Bowie, MD
Jared A. White, Associate in Arts/Certificate of Mastery

Emily F. Fleetwood, Associate in Arts

Broken Arrow
Moriah Faith Reed, Associate in Arts

Johnathon S. Stewart, Associate in Science/Certificate of Mastery

Luke Biddy, Associate in Applied Science/Certificate of Mastery
Jadah L. Thompson, Associate in Applied Science/Associate in Arts

Kassidy Faye Brinlee, Associate in Arts
Alyssa Gayle Baldwin, Associate in Arts/Certificate of Mastery
Naomi June Green, Certificate of Mastery/Associate in Applied Science/Associate in Arts

Felicia Hernandez, Certificate of Mastery
Yasmine L. Garcia, Certificate of Mastery
Brenda Morales, Associate in Arts
Angela F. Jacobsen, Certificate of Mastery
Kayla M. Barnett, Certificate of Mastery
Adela Lonebear, Certificate of Mastery
Lorena D. Martinez, Certificate of Mastery

Merideth L. Behrens, Certificate of Mastery/Associate in Science

Lucy N. Paul, Associate in Arts

Custer City
Tracy S. Burton, Certificate of Mastery

Dawn R. Teague, Certificate of Mastery

Earl Park, IN
Hayden Blaine Berenda, Associate in Science

Macy A. Moore, Associate in Arts
Tracy Nichols, Associate in Science
Ariana G. Whitfield, Associate in Arts

El Reno
Logan Hunter Edwards, Associate in Applied Science/Associate in Arts
Kimauni Fulford, Associate in Arts
Morgan Noelle Girten, Associate in Arts
Jayci Dawn Hicks, Associate in Arts
Kolton J. Hunt, Associate in Arts
Breanna M. Phillips, Associate in Arts
Tracey K. Rider, Associate in Arts
Aimmee Ruiz, Associate in Arts
Colten Atkinson, Associate in Science
Jason C. Bilderback, Associate in Science
Sidney Barber, Certificate of Mastery
Morgan Noelle Girten, Certificate of Mastery
Kaci Teruko Hayden, Associate in Arts
Breanna M. Phillips, Associate in Arts
Bailey E. Vincent, Associate in Arts
India S. Powell, Certificate of Mastery
Bailey E. Vincent, Certificate of Mastery
Layton Hunter Hockersmith, Associate in Arts
Diana Llulisa Martinez-Mendoza    , Associate in Arts
Riley Olivia Robertson, Associate in Arts
Gabriella L. Thompson, Associate in Arts
Rosanelly Vite, Associate in Arts/Associate in Arts
Asa Daryle Brookins Wolphagen, Associate in Arts
Samantha L Judd, Associate in Arts
Shelly Colson, Certificate of Mastery
Riley Olivia Robertson, Certificate of Mastery
Rosanelly Vite, Certificate of Mastery
Josefina Sharen Sandoval, Associate in Arts
Jason Michael De la Torre, Associate in Arts
Riley James Dixon, Associate in Arts
Noelle Rebecca Eaton, Associate in Arts
Boston T. Ellison, Associate in Arts
Jasmine Jade Gedela, Associate in Arts
Alejandro Marquez, Associate in Arts
Hailey G. McBroom, Associate in Arts/Certificate of Mastery
Rebecca Mixon, Associate in Arts
Jaylin M. Reveles, Associate in Arts
Ashlie Messer, Associate in Arts
Brittaney L. Whitney, Associate in Arts
Brianna Porter, Certificate of Mastery

Fort Cobb
Graham R. Danziger, Associate in Arts
Sara Turner, Associate in Arts
Kyler Denton, Associate in Arts

Elena Santiago, Associate in Science/ Associate in Science/Certificate of Mastery

Logan Zane Vowell, Associate in Arts

Jessi L. Anderson, Associate in Arts

Shaunda A. Williams, Associate in Applied Science/Certificate of Mastery

Marissa L. Kirkendall, Associate in Arts
Delila F. Palmer, Associate in Science

Haylee Lundry, Associate in Science/Certificate of Mastery

Henderson, NV
Rigoberto Cebilla-Sosa, Associate in Arts

Hereford, TX
Saige Martin, Associate in Science/Certificate of Mastery

Samantha Paige Stanley, Certificate of Mastery
Kerri L. Mattson    , Associate in Arts

Hobbs, NM
Anthony L. Gonzales-Baker, Associate in Arts

Houston, TX
Greyson T. Peck    , Associate in Science/Certificate of Mastery

Huntsville, MO
Thomas E. Owings, Associate in Science/Certificate of Mastery

Macey Kimble, Associate in Science/Certificate of Mastery

Ickenham, Middlesex
Lucy Zara Handley, Associate in Arts/Certificate of Mastery

Courtney L. Roe, Certificate of Mastery

Caleb Arthaud, Associate in Arts

Nicholas C. McNeil, Associate in Arts/Associate in Science
Tiffany Meacham, Certificate of Mastery
Abigail M. Cruz, Associate in Arts
Britt E. Taylor, Associate in Arts
Marie Katherine Hladik, Associate in Science
Korali Richelle Smith, Associate in Science

Las Vegas, NV
Kevin J. Zafiris, Certificate of Mastery
James J. Velicescu, Associate in Applied Science

Ana Sofia Vasco Taracena. Associate in Science/Certificate of Mastery

Alyssa M. Harrison, Certificate of Mastery
Mikaela Dees, Certificate of Mastery

Lead, SD
Ashley M. Sheeley, Associate in Arts

Leavenworth, KS
Abby Gretchen Wood, Associate in Science

Ayden L. Page, Associate in Arts/Certificate of Mastery

Lincoln, NE
Brysen E. Goracke, Associate in Science

Locust Grove
Thomas Ethan Conseen, Associate in Arts

Heather A. Seals, Certificate of Mastery

Middlefiled, CT
Nico Anthony Kulpik, Associate in Arts

Colin Cooper Oaks, Associate in Arts
Evan T. DeShields, Associate in Arts
Kiley R. Main, Associate in Arts
Tommi S. Willey, Associate in Arts

Mineral Wells, TX
Cameron V. Michels, Associate in Arts
Braden G. Fryer, Associate in Arts

Rachel L. Jones, Certificate of Mastery
Eric B. Gooden II, Associate in Arts
Braden S. Swearingen, Associate in Arts
Stephany Soto, Associate in Arts

Chancee M. Clark, Associate in Arts

Kalanni Burt, Associate in Arts
Hayley K. Gries, Associate in Arts
Brittan Northcutt, Associate in Arts
Hanna M. Hale, Associate in Applied Science
Arin Seanne Karbs, Associate in Arts
Lily M. Dilbeck, Associate in Arts/Certificate of Mastery

Erica Leigh Duncan, Associate in Arts

Kaitlyn E. Bean, Associate in Science/Certificate of Mastery
Laney J. Lawson, Associate in Science

Shelby L. Battiest, Certificate of Mastery
Kayleigh P. McWethy, Associate in Arts

Dustin Lane Whitmire, Associate in Arts
Kirstyn McHargue, Certificate of Mastery
Kristen D. Jacobsen, Certificate of Mastery

Tonya M. Williams, Associate in Arts
Blake A. Henrichs, Associate in Science
Laura M. Liebl, Associate in Arts
Kori E. Cox, Associate in Arts
Grace Kathryn Krittenbrink, Associate in Arts
Leah E. McNeall, Associate in Arts
Tucker Kain Neuenschwander, Associate in Science
Tyler J. Schwarz, Associate in Arts

Oklahoma City
Drew Elizabeth Faires, Associate in Arts
Kendural A. Jolly, Associate in Arts
Teghan Vogt, Associate in Arts/Certificate of Mastery
Kathrine L. Saxton, Associate in Science
Kristina Carbin, Certificate of Mastery
Jordan Marie Garcia, Certificate of Mastery
Anthony Lamar Turner Jr., Associate in Science/Certificate of Mastery
Canon E. Owens, Associate in Applied Science
Garrett C. Carlton, Associate in Arts
Chelsey Klimek, Associate in Arts
Emily M. Williams, Associate in Arts

Olsztyn, Poland
Alicja Milewska, Associate in Arts/Certificate of Mastery

William L. Amos, Associate in Arts

Ponca City
Jennifer Beltran, Associate in Arts

Russellville, AR
Gabrielle Elise Stringer, Associate in Arts

Sealy, TX
Jordyn B. Davila, Associate in Science

Tiffin, OH
Evan R. Palmer, Associate in Science/Certificate of Mastery

Toccocoa, GA
Merrit Eavenson, Associate in Science

Caleb Hinckley, Associate in Arts
Kimberly L. Boyer, Associate in Science/Certificate of Mastery

Union City
Crystal D. Jones, Associate in Arts
Jaden A. Straka, Associate in Arts

Jessica Mercedes Estrada, Associate in Arts

Chase M. McCracken, Associate in Science

Karlee Jo Trammell, Associate in Arts/Associate in Applied Science

Alison M. Tock, Associate in Applied Science/Associate in Arts/Certificate of Mastery
Meghan N. Robertson/Associate in Science

Lexie Streeter, Associate in Arts
Bryson D. Hernandez, Associate in Arts

Ashlee G. DeVaughan, Associate in Arts
Jeremy Wayne Pool, Associate in Arts/Certificate of Mastery

Westchester, NY
Khyree Taylor, Associate in Arts

Winterpark, FL
Jayhden L. Moncrease, Associate in Arts

David Garcia, Associate in Arts
Opal M. Hasty, Certificate of Mastery
Anna L. Barnes, Certificate of Mastery

Ypsilanti, MI
Cadin Monico Dwayne Augustine, Associate in Arts

Keigan Davidson, Associate in Arts
Brianna Lee Dysinger, Associate in Arts
Katelynn Tee, Associate in Arts
Chelsea A. Vicenti, Associate in Arts
Ryan Matthew Weller, Associate in Arts
Hannah Croom, Certificate of Mastery
Trenton C. Jones, Associate in Arts
Maycee B. Kuhns, Associate in Arts
Brady C. Leck, Associate in Arts
Emily G. Wiedemann, Associate in Arts/Certificate of Mastery
Ashley D. Carter, Associate in Arts
Sydney N. Brown, Associate in Arts
Phat Tuan Nguyen, Associate in Arts
Daniel Oommen, Associate in Arts
Laken N. Tharp, Associate in Arts
Tara K. Metcalf, Certificate of Mastery
Hannah L. Rose, Associate in Arts
Zachary D. Swaim, Associate in Arts
Shelby A. Gilles, Associate in Science
Nevaeh Adel Hintz, Associate in Science/Certificate of Mastery
Ashley D. Carter, Certificate of Mastery