Student Clubs & Organizations

Student clubs are a great way to get involved and make friends! We have several organizations to choose from. See a club that interests you? Contact us for more information.

Academic Team

Redlands has a very active academic team competing in local and national quiz bowl tournaments. The team hosts high school and middle school tournaments and community service projects throughout the year. Redlands academic team has a long standing history of ranking nationally. Players do not need experience to join and great scholarships are available.

Aggie Club

The Redlands Aggie Club gives agricultural students an opportunity to gain skills and leadership, team building, and fundraising along with the chance to build a great industry network and lifelong friendships.


The Redlands Ambassador Program is a leadership program that allows students to enhance their leadership and communication skills as well as add to their academic resume while serving as the college’s greatest advocates. Redlands Student Ambassadors give campus tours to prospective students and families, maintain full-time student status and a minimum 2.75 GPA, attend mandatory meetings, participate in leadership workshops and community service projects, and assist with special events as needed. Ambassadors are selected at the beginning of each academic year. Apply today to be a Redlands Ambassador.

Art Club

Are you interested in various art forms? Join other Redlands students in pursuing the arts and working together on creative college and community projects.

Book Club

Do you love to read? Participate in campus and community activities and engage with other students in discussions about books from a variety of genres. Join the "Redlands Book Club" on GroupMe by following this link.

Chess Club

Check mate! Compete, strategize and have fun with other students in the Redlands Chess Club.

Dungeons & Dragon Club

The Dungeons & Dragons Club is an avenue for students interested in the role-playing game to come together, socialize and enjoy D & D.


The Redlands eSports program offers students an opportunity to come together and have fun playing competitive video games. Our players gain experience working as a team by competing in tournaments against other colleges and universities. We have a fully equipped eSports gaming room on campus for our players to use. 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

FCA is part of an international organization of coaches and athletes that worship and support each other in Christian faith. Members are also active in the community through FCA projects.

Lego Group

The Redlands Lego Group is a hobby centered environment dedicated to using Legos to build comradery and civic connections, engaging Redlands and beyond.

Native American Student Organization

The Native American Student Organization provides academic, social and cultural support for Native American students with a focus on unity and togetherness. Members of NASO promote Native American culture and fellowship among all students at Redlands. NASO works with the Native tribes in the community, goes on field trips, and hosts campus events, but primarily focuses on a space for Native American students to communicate with each other.

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is the largest international honor society for American two-year colleges. To become a member, you must have established academic excellence, as judged by the college faculty. Initiates must have completed at least 12 hours of two-year college work, must be judged of good moral character and must possess qualities of good citizenship. To be eligible for membership in the Alpha Beta Upsilon chapter, initiates must have met these requirements and have obtained a 3.25 GPA for one semester. After becoming a member, you must maintain a 3.0 GPA in order to remain in good standing.

Photography Club

Redlands Photography Club provides an opportunity for students to come together and explore the art of photography. The Photography Club strives to inspire people to enjoy taking photographs and improve their camera skills and provide an opportunity for students interested in photography to meet. 

SAGA - Sexuality & Gender Acceptance

SAGA provides an opportunity for fellowship, support and celebration of all sexuality and gender identities among students and gives them an opportunity to participate in projects throughout the college and community.

Student Government Association

The Redlands Student Government Association exists to be the voice of our students here at Redlands and in the community. RSGA encourages participation in elections, city council meetings and political activities regardless of party affiliation, and works with the Oklahoma Student Government Association in advancing higher education for all Oklahoma students. RSGA is a great way to enhance leadership skills and gain practical experience in exercising our voice. RSGA meets regularly throughout the year and would love to hear from any student who has ideas or would like to be a part of the college voice.  

Student Nursing Association

The Redlands Community College Student Nursing Association is designed to advance the professionalism of nursing students by giving them the chance to meet each other and their instructors in a non-structured setting, as well as to meet students from around the state at conventions. Both category I and category II nursing students can join the group, which combines professional development with instruction and community service.

Sustainable Living Club

Redlands' Sustainable Living Club provides an opportunity for students to learn and share practices. The club also provides an avenue for creative college and community projects.

TRIO SSS Student Association

TRIO Student Support Services Student Association aims to connect TRIO students with the larger student body through events, seminars, and multimedia.