Student Rights & Responsibilities

Every student registered with Disability Support Services (DSS) has the right to:

  • Be free from discrimination on the grounds of having a disability and free from retaliatory discrimination.
  • Be assured that information about a disability is held confidential. It will not be shared with anyone unless permitted by the student in writing, except as required by law.
  • Have equal opportunity and access to educational programs, services, activities, and facilities available at all Redlands Community College campuses.
  • Have reasonable and appropriate accommodations, academic adjustments, and/or auxiliary aids as determined on a case-by-case basis, where the student’s disability limits access, participation, or ability to benefit.
  • Meet privately with faculty to discuss needed accommodations and address any other concerns.
  • Be treated equally with other students regarding grades and class participation.
  • Appeal decisions regarding accommodations and auxiliary aids.

Every student registered with DSS has the responsibility to:

  • Identify self in a timely manner to DSS as a student with a disability requesting academic accommodations.
  • Submit request for institutional accommodation(s). Form is available on All supporting documentation must be on file for requests to be evaluated.
  • Discuss accommodations with instructor(s) and participate in determining how the accommodations will be implemented.
  • Notify DSS immediately when accommodations are not provided.
  • Make arrangements with DSS staff for assistance with equipment, tutoring and testing.
  • Meet the same academic and student conduct standards as other students, and ask for assistance and accommodations in an appropriate manner.