A college has to be ready to change as the community's needs change. We work hard to balance established courses of study with emerging fields and new technologies.

Effective Growth

Whether it is new facilities added to our campus or a new class being offered to our students, Redlands continues to set high standards. Every year we welcome new students; we feel a duty to bring equally fresh vitality to our institution.

President Jena Marr, (seated) with Executive Vice President Jon Fields behind her to the left, and Vice President for Academic Affairs Annie Pearson to the rightCollege President — Learn more about Redlands President Jena Marr.

Board of Regents — Being accountable to Oklahomans, whether they're our students or our neighbors, has always been important to us. Learn how to contact and engage with our Board of Regents.

Administrative Leadership

Jena Marr, President

Jon Fields, Executive Vice President

Annie Pearson, Vice President for Academic Affairs


Faculty Senate

Elise McCauley, President

Erin Karl, Secretary/Treasurer

Dr. Kathleen Coughlan, President-Emeritus

Learn more about Redlands' Faculty Senate.