Honors and Service Learning Programs

Honors Program

The Honors Program offers you the chance to take on challenging, innovative research or writing projects during a regular course with your instructor’s approval. You are able to expand your understanding of the course material by pursuing an independent study of a subject in greater depth.

Program Requirements

A student must earn a minimum grade of a B in the course and fully complete the additional agreed-upon research project to the professor’s satisfaction in order to receive an Honors notation on his/her transcript. If a student does not complete the full parameters of the Honors contract, that student’s grade in the overall course will not be affected. However, a student’s failure to complete an Honors contract may result in fewer Honors contract opportunities. If a student successfully completes 15 credit hours of Honors work while attending Redlands Community College, he/she will graduate “With Honors” and receive special recognition at Commencement.

For more information, contact the Honors Program Director at 405.422.1220 or via email at Honors.Program@redlandscc.edu.

Service Learning

Service to your school and community is a meaningful educational experience. Service learning is a teaching method that will help you step into leadership roles through organized service experiences that meet real needs in your community. The service is integrated into your academic courses with structured time to research, reflect, discuss and connect your experiences in the service field to your learning in the classroom.

Service Learning benefits the community, Redlands Community College students, faculty, and staff by:

  • Helping to fulfill community needs.
  • Exposing and teaching communities about emerging generations of students.
  • Establishing access and connections to other resources available at the community college.
  • Providing an opportunity for partner agencies to develop a strong sense of community and civic responsibility through Redlands Community College students.

Students may earn Service Learning course credit through an individualized Student/Faculty Agreement pending their professor’s approval or by enrolling in Introduction to Service Learning, SOC1121-3.

Contact the Director of Service Learning at 405.422.6237 or email: Service.Learning@redlandscc.edu.